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Ebel Wave Watch Review


When EBEL launched the Sport Classic in 1979, it took the daring step of introducing a model unlike any other on the market. While several of its innovative features seemed too avant-garde at the time, this line was in fact to have a revolutionary effect on the watchmaking world and is still a brand icon today.

Its distinctive characteristics have become an integral part of the EBEL design signature. The hexagonal-shaped case with its soft, sensual curve gave the Sport Classic an immediately recognisable character that has remained true through almost four decades of constantly changing trends. Meanwhile, the unique monohull case conception with the perfect integration of the case and bracelet created a watch that both looks and feels like a seamless whole. The bracelet itself, composed of a seemingly endless series of wave-shaped links lending it an unprecedented touch of distinctive elegance, radiates a sense of movement while ensuring an incredibly supple feel on the wrist.

This iconic watch renamed the EBEL Classic and then in 2013, EBEL Wave, now has a more contemporary feel, with softer lines and a more refined wave-link bracelet - but undeniably its design has left an indelible imprint on the philosophy of EBEL.
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