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Eterna Watches

About Eterna

Eterna watches have superb craftsmanship. Striving for perfection. Never resting on our laurels, seeking new goals, searching out the right path. For one and a half centuries, Eterna's watchmakers have been working with unerring dedication and meticulous care to develop and manufacture their masterpieces.


The Eterna watch company sticks with its current course, putting its long traditions at the service of progress both technical and aesthetic. It sees each and every one of its watches as an opportunity to demonstrate its vigorous capacity for innovation in the clasic art of watchmaking. Eterna, perfection that stands the test of time.

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History of Eterna

If not only to be admired for their technical intellect and dedication to high precision, Eterna’s undeniable sleek reputation still manages to win the hearts of many wristwatch enthusiasts today. Eterna watches have a rich history in the craftsmanship of beautifully engineered pilots watches as well as those masterpieces produced for extreme oceanic exploration.

Eterna are the master designers responsible for producing some of the world’s most beautifully groomed watches, melded with incredibly well thought out designs.

The Eterna Adventic collection showcases pronounced individual character and a sleek, contemporary aesthetic. Using bold interpretations of the brand’s imagination, the collection fuses elements of expertly engineered brilliance to create tools for professionals and extreme adventurists. The five dotted logo above the models belonging to the Eterna Adventic family are representative of the five ball bearings that were traditionally used in the mounting point of an automatic rotor. The concept is reiterated throughout the design to show on five of the hour markers of the dial, on the rear logo of the case and the five ball bearings which are placed inside the watch crown end to create the crown itself. These embellishments to the Adventic models symbolise the brand’s dedication to creating meticulous designs with a keen eye for detail.

Eterna’s in-house produced movements allow them to excel when it comes to mechanics. The KonTiki collection hosts the very best of Eterna watches for sport. When Eterna birthed the first of the KonTiki generation to demonstrate a boundary-pushing and daring expedition across the Pacific Ocean performed by Thor Heyerdahl and his crew in 1947, new benchmarks were set for precision watchmaking with annotations of extreme sportiness. The very first Eterna watches for this series were released with a capability of 200 metres water resistance and were equipped with easy-grab rotating bezels to supply professional divers with life saving devices. Capable of accuracy and efficiency in poor lighting, chilling temperatures and high pressures, these specialised Eterna watches sparked the true beginnings of their success.At a time when divers needed a piece of equipment to aid them in monitoring their remaining air supply and guide them to the surface in safe time – Eterna watches came to the rescue with what was soon considered a national “first choice instrument”.

The Eterna Artena collection, along with the Centenaire, Legacy and Tangoroa families display more of a traditional design than those characteristics found within the KonTiki series. The stainless steel indices which sweep over finely chiselled hour indexes are a reflection of Eterna’s desire to remain faithful to traditional methods of watchmaking. These classically clean dials chosen by Eterna are used to encourage a simplistic interpretation of time with authentic leather straps to finish original concepts, whilst the Eterna Contessa and Madison collections adopt a rectangular profile, with a contrast of black and brown hues, dressed against polished stainless steel bezels to achieve a sophisticated presence.

As with all Eterna watches, their extensive features and clever use of high-grade materials provide the basis for many of their timekeeping tools. Well designed and thoughtfully conceived for durability, Eterna watches are built for longevity and to sustain the most testing of external conditions.


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