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Muhle Glashutte

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Muhle Glashutte

About Muhle Glashutte

Muhle Glashutte develops and manufactures high quality ships' timepieces, marine chronometers and mechanical wristwatches. In this the Glashutte company places great emphasis on the excellent legibility and accuracy of its timepieces.


Because the name Muhle has long stood for precision and precise measurement. The foundation stone for this was laid by Robert Muhle. In 1869 he founded a family run company in Glashutte to produce precise measurement instruments for the local watch industry. The direction followed by the present day company emerged under the management of the fourth generation of the family. Since 1994 it has gone by the name of Muhle Glashutte nautische Instrumente und Feinmechanik, equipping cruise ships of the AIDA fleet and luxury yachts with marine time systems and chronometers. The fact that the nautical characteristics required in this, namely precision, legibility and reliability, are also reflected in the Muhle wristwatches is particularly important to Thilo Muhle. 

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History of Muhle Glashutte

Muhle Glahutte is a high quality wristwatch manufacturing company bound by the principles of tradition, reliability and optimum clarity. Devoted to precision measuring since the year of 1994, Muhle Glashutte has worked hard to achieve a balance of accuracy and beauty throughout their iconic wristwatch collections. Using filigree components as part of their mechanical movements, Muhle Glashutte have focussed their designs and practical uses on instruments for the nautical industry. At sea, there is no factor more important than accuracy and this is why all Muhle Glashutte watches including their marine chronometers and marine time systems make no distinction between the reliability needed for professional navigation out on the waves from those needs associated with the conventional wristwatch wearer.

The design concepts behind Muhle Glashutte watches are plain, simple and highly legible. Wearers are granted the simplicity of time reading at a glance via a clean layout – a feature considered the elementary function behind each watch, which takes priority over any other part of the watchmaking process. The designers at Muhle Glahutte always start with the watch face and build additional characters and features around these primary foundations. The watch mechanism and the transition from case to strap is also a carefully thought out process at the brand’s headquarters and takes considerable workmanship to create a fundamental purpose for each watch’s identity.

Muhle Glashutte not only specialise in timekeeping instruments for the nautical universe but their expert pioneering skills have branched out to manufacturing watches for many other professional uses.

Collections such as the 29er and S.A.R are solid offerings from Muhle Glashutte, many with different sized bezels, thicknesses and functionalities. Like all of Muhle Glashutte’s timepieces, the chronometers are rigorously tested and certified to meet guidelines of the German Industrial Standards for wrist-chronometers. Repeated tests are also carried out at numerous intervals of the watch’s production in order to check that the level of work carried out at each stage meets the highest of expectations. The brand’s decision to implement these controls in 2002 to al of their Muhle Glashutte wristwatches has allowed models to be tested for accuracy in harsh external conditions, heats and pressures that may be prone to shocking the internal conditions of the mechanisms.

The Terrasport collection encompasses some of the highest levels of technology, melded with a traditionally styled pilot design. Watches produced for the air force were developed to aid on-board navigators alongside a number of abilities including high legibility, consistency and extreme reliability. The Muhle Glashutte Terrapsort range offers a selection of stealthy three handers which make best use out of the ubiquitous line markers decorating their dial peripheries.

Some of the family members of the classic M29 collection hark back to the original one-handed measuring gauges by R. Muhle & Sohn. If you are searching for an elegant and relaxed statement to add to your collection, these timepieces willingly evoke sophistication infused with an expert, contemporary blend of engineering. The collection uses subtle brown shades which contrast beautifully against vintage cream dials, encapsulating an artistic side to the brand’s creative direction. Models from the Teutonia collection consist of subtle date apertures, small seconds sub-dials and faces which constitute a delicate typography of finely detailed patterning. With eye catching Guilloche techniques to their dial faces which require an intricate process of engine turning, these masterpieces from Muhle Glashutte manage to capture elements of practical functionality and professional style.

Undeniably Muhle Glashutte have produced an incredible collection of beautifully structured, woodpecker neck regulated timepieces with tidy, easy-read decorations, well rounded layouts and a relaxed air of clarity for maximum efficiency.


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