Why Buy From An Authorised Watch Dealer

Why buy from an authorised watch dealer?

Buying a luxury watch is a very exciting endeavour, but it is important to ensure that you are buying from an authorised watch dealer. 

Jura Watches are an authorised watch dealer for all the brands that we have featured on our website and in store, so you can purchase safe in the knowledge that the product you are buying has been delivered to us directly from the manufacturer. Thus, all of our luxury watches are supplied directly from the watch brand and are 100% authentic, with the full manufacturer’s warranty. Any aftersales and repairs will be completed by a qualified watch maker enlisted by the watch brand themselves.

Why is the manufacturer’s warranty so important?

When purchasing a luxury watch, the manufacturer’s warranty entitles you to cover for any unexpected mechanical failure of goods or manufacturing defects, but only if you have purchased from an authorised watch dealer. In the case of any warranty repair work being required, the brand will require proof that you have purchased your luxury watch from an authorised watch dealer by supplying the original warranty card with date purchased and authorised watch dealer stamp. Manufacturers will not honour the manufacturers warranty unless the product was purchased through an authorised watch dealer. The manufacturer’s warranty becomes invalid if the watch has been serviced or handled by an unauthorised third party.

Avoid grey market traders

Many grey market, unauthorised watch dealers acquire their products through illegitimate channels, often unwilling to explain where they come from because they are not officially authorised to sell them. Often, if the trader is not an authorised watch dealer they advertise the products at discounted prices, which can look appealing on the surface. However, if you read the small print, they are likely to offer their “own” warranty, not the manufacturers. This means that should any aftersales warranty service be required; the watch will not be sent to the manufacturer. Instead, it will be handled by the unauthorised dealer who may not know how to service your watch correctly or have access to the appropriate spare parts which are needed, resulting in more damage and future cost. When purchasing from an authorised watch dealer, you can rest assured that the product is genuine and that all the aftersales service you require will be completed by the manufacturer of your watch. When the dealer is not authorised to sell luxury watches, you could be purchasing unauthentic, fake or stolen goods without knowing. If the unauthorised dealer happens to go out of business, the warranty offered to you will also no longer be valid and you will have no warranty with your watch at all.


We are an authorised stockist of all of the jewellery and watch brands featured online and throughout our stores. Established in 1979, we have over 40 years of experience working alongside some of the world's most prestigious brand partners. We maintain close partnerships with each of our suppliers to enable us to showcase the finest collections of fine jewellery and luxury watches.

As an authorised stockist of all of the brands featured on our website and thoughts our stores, you can be safe in the knowledge that the piece of jewellery or luxury watch you are purchasing is 100% authentic and comes complete with official packaging and the full manufacturer’s warranty.

We work directly with all of our brand partners to ensure that you receive the best customer service throughout each stage of your new watch purchase. 

It is our belief that when you are buying a new piece of jewellery or luxury watch, the quality of the product should be matched with exemplary levels of customer service.