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Citizen Watches


About Citizen

The concept behind the Citizen watches is revolutionary and continues to break boundaries. Citizen’s Eco-Drive technology allows their timekeeping devices to convert light sources into energy which is then stored inside a permanently rechargeable lithium-ion cell. Citizen watches have dedicated their experience in cutting edge technology by combining their knowledge in skilled engineering to break the cycle of constant battery replacements and instead, has reinvented a wristwatch with indispensible timekeeping value and sophisticated elegance.

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History of Citizen watches

Citizen has been the world’s largest watchmaker every year since 1986 and is recognised as an international leader in advanced timekeeping technology.

Citizen watches were founded in 1930 where the forward-thinking brand began its journey towards positive change through the evolution of their groundbreaking levels of excellence and creativity. The beauty behind Citizen watches lies within the comprehensive manufacturing processes which all of their watches must go through before becoming true masterpieces. From crafting the individual components to the final assembling of parts, each Citizen watch is finished with the same level of care and attention to detail as the next, making their entire collection a consistent and true reflection of their artisan approach to fine watchmaking. Evoking a deep respect for their on-going evolution through craft, Citizen’s pivotal technological breakthroughs have led to explosive success over the years.

The Citizen Eco-drive collection introduced in 1995 invented the concept of a light-driven watch – a collection powered for a lifetime by nothing but light! Well ahead of developments within other leading watch companies at the time, these Citizen watches were the result of the brand’s pioneered engineering. Eliminating the need to replace batteries the Citizen Eco-Drive innovations certainly influenced the future of watchmaking technology. Converting light sources into electrical power marked the turning point of which Citizen will always reference back to as a motivational tool during their quest in fulfilling a timepiece that offers a fusion between beauty and technology.

Our hand-picked selection of iconic Citizen watches represent the brand’s artistic scope, from the elegantly sculpted Silhouette Ladies designs, to the more masculine sport-infused models of the Eco-Drive Red Arrows which come equipped with a stealthy chronograph and attention-demanding injections of colour. Citizen watches are cultivated to culminate a strong sense of sophistication, yet deliver on affordable functionality.

With a varied assortment of Citizen Divers watches, Citizen world timers and Citizen Satellite Wave models, the brand’s designs stem from simplistic classics to intricate dial designs that deliver features by the bucket load. With famous singers, Kelly Clarkson and Catherine Jenkins as brand ambassadors for Citizen watches, new styles and up-to-the-minute innovations are continually incorporated into the company’s breathtaking timepieces. Citizen also introduced the world’s first radio controlled atomic-timekeeping watches in 2007. Atomic timekeeping works through the vibrations of atoms and is used for extreme precision. Radio waves are used to transmit the exact time to these Citizen watches, giving them an unrivalled level of accuracy. Maintaining Citizen’s eco friendly reputation, these watches are also fuelled by light and never need a battery.


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