Wenger Watch S. A. came into existence in 1893 in Switzerland. The brand grew quickly and its watches are sold in over 80 countries today. The story of the Wenger watches started way back in time. Charles Cousin, a French watchmaker from France relocated to Switzerland in 1574. During that period, watches were jewellery pieces, largely unavailable to the masses. In 1908, Wenger was selected as the company to make Swiss Army watches. In 1988, the company launched its first watch collection for mass usage and in 2003 its watches became available worldwide. A number of Wenger watches are considered classical till present day. These include the Wenger Aerograph, Commando Chrono and the Alpenrose – a watch made for the needs of ladies. Wenger varieties vary slightly, mainly in their functionalities. Most watches have round dials and sporty or traditional designs.