When it comes to watches, Citizen is one of the models of excellence that need no introduction. Back in 1956, Citizen produced its first shock-resistant timepiece. Parawater, the first water-resistant watch in Japan came into existence only three years later. Eco-Drive is one of Citizen’s most important environmentally-friendly innovations. A solar panel powers the watch and is capable of storing energy for usage in the months to come. Another innovation that Citizen has developed is the atomic timekeeping. Citizen watches have a traditional feel to them. 


    Citizen watches

    Citizen has been the world’s largest watchmaker every year since 1986 and is recognised as an international leader in advanced timekeeping technology. Citizen watches have represented a number of industry firsts, with creative innovations including the world’s slimmest LCD watch, the first voice recognition watch, and the world’s first professional dive watch with an electronic depth sensor.

    Citizen became a leader in eco friendly timekeeping with the launch of its Eco-Drive watches, a collection powered for a lifetime by nothing but light. The collection was designed to break the cycle of the millions of watches left in drawers each year after their batteries stop working and are never replaced.

    These popular Citizen watches run continuously in any kind of natural or artifical light, with a wide variety of styles including dress watches, sport watches and professional dive watches. The award-winning Eco-Drive technology stores enough energy to power the watch for up to seven years in darkness. With the company’s focus on being environmentally friendly, this Citizen technology has kept 40 million batteries out of landfills.

    Citizen also introduced the world’s first radio controlled atomic-timekeeping watches in 2007. Atomic timekeeping works through the vibrations of atoms and is used for extreme precision. Radio waves are used to transmit the exact time to these Citizen watches, giving them an unrivalled level of accuracy. Maintaining Citizen’s eco friendly reputation, these watches are also fuelled by light and never need a battery.