Longines watches bases the signature timeless elegance of its products on an aesthetic heritage which it updates and applies with a skilled balance between refinement and classical design. Its timepieces are inspired by the history of technical and stylistic daring of a company which has always been a vast laboratory that continually monitors its creations with a keen eye.


Longines has been a worldwide brand since it was founded and, while respecting the company’s traditional values, it markets its products in over 130 countries today. Elegance – its fundamental value – remains the principle by which all its activities in every corner of the world are governed today, as in the past.


Today, Longines produces timepieces adapted to the constraints of modern times but still respecting the values which it has always upheld and on which are based the four pillars of its collections:


Elegance, Watchmaking Tradition, Sport and Heritage.

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Longines recognises their influence and long run in the watchmaking industry by launching a timepiece that is nostalgic of a...


    Longines Watches

    Longines Watches is instantly recognisable and associated with aviation and the development of aviation watches. The very well-known Longines logo of a winged hour glass is the oldest registered logo for any watchmaker.

    Founded by Auguste Agassiz in 1832 this luxury watches house is based in Saint-Imier, Switzerland the company is now owned by the Swatch Group.

    A company director of Longines Watches was a close friend of the world famous Charles Lindbergh for his transatlantic flight. After his famous flight Lindbergh helped design a watch for pilots to really help with their aeronautical navigation. The watch was built to his specifications and proved to be so popular that the watch is still produced by Longines today.

    At the very first modern day Olympics Longines provided all of the timers in 1896. A couple of years later in 1899 Longines watches went to the north pole with the great arctic explorer Louis Amedee de Savoie.

    Today Longines watches are still widely recognised in the world of sports watches and chronographs