Nomos Glashutte


NOMOS is one of only a few watchmakers worldwide with the designation of manufactory. Manufactory – one word that combines two Latin terms: manus = hand, factura = to make, to produce.


The history of Nomos Glashutte watches started in Germany in 1991. Nomos Glashutte is specialized in the production of mechanical watches with hand wound movement. Its first model carried the name Tangente. All of the company’s timepieces feature Nomos in-house made movements. In 2005, Nomos Glashutte made its first automatic calibre. 


Watches from NOMOS Glashütte have received over 120 awards in the past ten years.

Nomos Glashutte Presents the Gold Collection in a New Light

Nomos Glashutte experiments with injecting new colours into exquisite existing models. The Lambda and Lux have embraced a new appearance...


    Nomos Glashutte Watches

    Nomos Glashutte combines traditional craftsmanship with high tech production methods to make individual watches with the highest precision. Located in Glashütte, Germany, the company was founded in 1990 with its early designs influenced by a Bauhaus purist style. Since then, Nomos Glashutte watches have won more than 120 awards for performance and design.

    The company employs an expert team of designers in the creative capital of Berlin to ensure that the dials, hands and cases of all Nomos Glashutte watches maintain a modern look, yet hold a timeless appeal.

    Only companies that create at least 50% of the value of a watch’s caliber in the town of Glashütte may benefit from its world famous reputation as a centre of excellence for watchmaking. Nomos Glashutte goes above and beyond these strict quality standards, building up to 95% of each of its movements in Glashütte.

    As well as producing all of its own in-house watch movements since 2005, Nomos Glashutte unveiled an important development in the company’s history with the launch of its own escapement in 2014. Previously the entire watchmaking industry had to source its escapements from Switzerland, so this exciting creation allows the company to work independently and determine its own qualities for Nomos Glashutte watches.