Muehle Glashuette


Mühle-Glashütte develops and manufactures high-quality ships' timepieces, marine chronometers and mechanical wristwatches. In this the Glashütte company places great emphasis on the excellent legibility and accuracy of its timepieces. Because the name Mühle has long stood for precision and precise measurement. The foundation stone for this was laid by Robert Mühle. In 1869 he founded a family-run company in Glashütte to produce precise measurement instruments for the local watch industry. The direction followed by the present-day company emerged under the management of the fourth generation of the family. Since 1994 it has gone by the name of Mühle-Glashütte nautische Instrumente und Feinmechanik, equipping cruise ships of the AIDA fleet and luxury yachts with marine time systems and chronometers. The fact that the nautical characteristics required in this, namely precision, legibility and reliability, are also reflected in the Mühle wristwatches is particularly important to Thilo Mühle. With him the family-run company now has its fifth generation at the helm.


    Muehle Glashuette Watches

    Muehle Glashuette is a family business that been dedicated to precision measuring for five generations. Founded in 1869 by Robert Mühle, the company began manufacturing precision measuring instruments for the local watch industry and watchmakers’ school in Glashütte, Germany. The brand has maintained its passion for precision for more than 140 years, expanding its range of products to include wristwatches, marine time systems, marine chronometers and other nautical instruments.

    The nautical virtues of Muehle Glashuette only enhance the brand’s dedication to precision and reliability. The brand makes no distinction between the requirements for its timepieces used in professional navigation and those worn on the wrist. Muehle Glashuette believes that all watch wearers should be able to read the exact time at a glance, so all of its timepieces are developed with a clear focus on clarity of display, excellent functionality and high precision.

    It is this devotion to accuracy that makes Muehle Glashuette watches the perfect choice to be worn on the rescue lifeboats of the German Maritime Search and Rescue Service. In these conditions the watches have proved that they can withstand extreme stress and strain at sea, while the patented woodpecker neck regulation provides the exceptional reliability and precision required by the rescue team.