During World War II, Hamilton produced military timepieces. The first electric watch – Hamilton Electric – came into existence in 1957. In 1969, Hamilton discontinued its manufacturing in the US. The two main collections that Hamilton has made available are Khaki and American Classic watches. The company relies mainly on the traditional and even slightly vintage look of its watches that are designed for the needs of both ladies and gentlemen. 

Hamilton Reveals Khaki Takeoff AC Air Zermatt Limited Edition

Hamilton has unveiled the new Khaki Takeoff AC Air Zermatt Limited Edition, a watch created in partnership with the Swiss mountain rescue service,...


    Hamilton Watches

    Since 1892 the Hamilton Watches company have been manufacturing and marketing luxury timepieces, the first watch was the 936 in 1893.

    Hamilton watches went on to develop and market pocket watches and wrist watches. In 1971 they became the third company to join a group that later became the swatch group. Today the Swatch Group Is the largest watch manufacturer and marketer in the world.

    While the railways where rapidly expanding in the US Hamilton maintained over more 56% of the market as the railways bought all of the watches that Hamilton made.

    The company swung their attention from pocket watches to wrist watches after world war 1. During world war II Hamilton change their direction completely and designed new watches for the military and stopped its consumer products.

    The Hamilton name brand is currently owned by The Swatch Group Ltd. Swatch Group Hamilton brand watches have grown increasingly popular. Modern Hamilton watches no longer use proprietary "in house" movements, instead using movements made by The Swatch Group's movement making subsidiary, ETA