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Bell & Ross Watches for professional applications. Founded in 1992 by an elite cadre of designers and aerospace engineers, Bell & Ross has consistently adhered to the principles of producing fine watches which embody four essential parameters: readability, performance, precision, and water resistance. Produced in a state of the art facility in Switzerland, Bell & Ross watches are painstakingly engineered, mercilessly tested, and subjected to extensive evaluation by a dedicated team with intimate experience in demanding and hazardous occupational specialties.


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Limited Edition Bell & Ross BR-X1 Revealed

Bell & Ross has presented the limited edition BR-X1, a new high-tech chronograph described as "an extreme version of the...



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    Bell & Ross Watches

    The Bell & Ross watches were first made and designed by Belamich and Rosillo and made by the watch maker Sinn and launched in 1992.

    Bell & Ross watches like the BR instrument where made and designed to replicate the shape of aircraft cockpit instruments and dials.

    Following that the BR02 range was made and designed for use by scuba diving professionals by the use of highly visible faces and dials that can resist water pressure up to 1000 meter. Another version is the hydromax which contains a hydraulic fluid to counteract the effects of high external pressures.

    Bell & Ross first watches were all virtual releases of the Sinn pieces and carried the Bell and Ross logo as well as the Sinn Logo.

    The aesthetic appeal of Bell & Ross is mirrored in its four design principles, namely optimal water resistance, highly accurate Swiss mechanical movements like the ETA Valjoux, clear visual indicators, such as those found on aircraft instrument panels, and special functions intended for specific uses