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Official Retailer for HYT Watches

Another remarkable brand added to our extensive portfolio of luxury watches is HYT. Combining highly advanced technology with futuristic aesthetics, HYT watches bring to life an entirely new way of timekeeping using liquid to tell the time. The unique technology of these unique timepieces are paired with large, imposing case sizes, experimental domed glass, memorable dial designs and contemporary straps, all of which combined leave a lasting impression on the wrist.


Their rebellious nature against the conventional ways of timekeeping was inspired by the idea of connecting past, present and future. From the past, they took the first concepts of time from 3,400 years ago with the Pharaohs and the Clepsydras, otherwise known as water clocks. These so-called “water thieves” worked by transporting water from one container to another to measure elapsed time. This extraordinary way of timekeeping long disappeared from the world of contemporary watchmaking, until 2012, when HYT was founded. Inspired by the past yet incited by the future of science, HYT watches broke new ground with the invention of their integrated patented fluidic module.


The principle behind HYT’s impressive technology is two flexible reservoirs with a capillary attached at each end. In one you’ll find a coloured liquid and in the other, a transparent one, both immiscible to keep them apart. The two industrial-looking reservoirs at 6 o’clock are engineered from highly resistant, flexible alloy and when powered by the mechanical movement, the reservoir on the left is compressed which allows the second to expand and vice versa. The alternating movement results in the freedom of the liquids in the capillary and as the hours go by, the coloured liquid advances. When the liquids reach full circle at 6 o’clock, the coloured liquid moves back and returns to its original position in what is known as a “rewind”.


It may sound complicated, but the technology is truly captivating in person and the lengths that developers went through to ensure each HYT watch is completely accurate is a feat in itself. It took 15 years of inspiration to develop the first HYT Fluid watch, with one year of that focused on perfecting the technique of filling the capillary. When even the smaller air bubbles could threaten accuracy, especially at higher altitudes, it was an essential element to get right. The HYT team even travelled the world to find the right supplier of the 0.8mm thick curved glass tubes, and when they couldn’t find one that was right for them, they created their own. It is this passion and dedication for perfection that makes HYT watches so remarkable.


Today, HYT watches remain based in Neuchâtel, at the heart of the traditional Swiss watchmaking region where a dedicated team of 43 engineers, scientists, artists and watchmakers make liquid time real time. Since the first HYT H1 watch was unveiled back in 2012, the brand has come a long way, now boasting a vast selection of stunning liquid watches including the modern HYT H0, the bold and vibrant HYT Soonow and the complex and contemporary HYT H20.


As official retailers for HYT, you can find all the latest HYT watch releases on the Jura Watches website. Our team of luxury watch specialists are on hand to help with any questions you have on 01335 453453 or at Get in touch today to find out more on the incredible interest free finance and free delivery options now available on our full range of HYT watches.

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