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Which watch did Murray wear to lift the Wimbledon trophy?


Like the whole of Britain (and much of the world), we at Jura Watches have been held in the thrall of Murray mania.


Murray's straight set win against Djokovic in the Wimbledon final was, true to Murray form, nail biting to the very last.


The first British man to win Wimbledon since Fred Perry claimed the title in 1936, Murray deserves all the accolades being heaped upon him.


Murray fought with everything he had to take the title, digging deeper than he'd ever done before. He said that the final points during closing game, where he dropped three championship points before finally clinching the title with the fourth, were "the hardest few points" he's ever played.


For those of us who sat with Murray through every gut-wrenching serve, return, volley, dropshot and rally, our commitment to him paid off.


The images of Murray kissing the Wimbledon trophy encapsulate the rapture of a man who's given it all he's got to achieve his life long dream. In the images, a sleek luxury timepiece adorns Murray's wrist. The watch in question is the Rado Hyperchrome XXL, specifically the recently launched HyperChrome Court Collection Green.



Rado signed Murray as a brand ambassador in June 2012, anticipating that the Scot was soon destined to make history. "[Our] partnership represents a meeting of two very strong minds, both with an impressive track record of challenging the future and pushing the limits of mind over matter," Rado said.


Rado also believes that Murray's values - commitment to be the best, stunning style, and precise playing technique - match their own. Following Murray's win, Rado congratulated the player, saying: "Andy showed a masterclass on the grass courts."


Murray chose Rado as his watch of choice because he remembered the brand sponsoring tennis matches in his younger years.


Hailed as a "technological breakthrough" the Rado Hyperchrome features a one piece or "monobloc" scratch resistant ceramic case. Being lightweight, the watch rests easy on the wrist, making it ideal for active sports such as tennis.



Murray celebrated his championship victory with a Rado watch on his wrist. How did you celebrate?


You can take a look at our Rado collection, which includes the Hyperchrome XXL, here.

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