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Wenger Watch Ambassador Completes Four-Year Eco Expedition


Eco explorer and Wenger brand ambassador Mike Horn has completed his four-year Pangaea Expedition. Aiming to increase the awareness of man's affect on the environment, he crossed seven continents in the largest and most advanced exploration sailboat ever built, without the use of fossil fuel, to implement ecological and social projects around the world.

Throughout the journey Horn was accompanied by groups of youths from his Young Explorers program. The young people, aged from 15 to 20, attended a special training camp in Switzerland to ensure they were prepared for the selected environmental protection projects they would experience on their journey. The groups analysed environmental problems such as climate change and water pollution, following the motto "explore - learn - act".

"My objective was to show these youths the incredible beauty of nature and its vulnerability," Horn said. "The experience these Young Explorers gained will forever shape the way they treat our planet and its resources."

Mike Horn has been a Wenger ambassador since 2007, as the brand believes he shares its "respect for the environment" and "commitment to innovation". Wenger was an official partner and equipment supplier of the Pangaea Expedition.

"[We are] very proud to have been a sponsor of Pangaea and Mike Horn the last four years," the brand says. "His work has left a lasting impression on thousands of bright young people who have carried his message about the importance of preserving Earth's resources to the world over."
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