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Seiko Watchmaker Receives Award from Japanese Government


The government of Japan has awarded Seiko watchmaker Kazushi Kannondo the 'Medal with Yellow Ribbon' in recognition of his distinguished services to watchmaking.

Kazushi Kannondo became a watchmaker with Seiko in 1971, and has received a number of honours during his career, including an award for Outstanding Skilled Workers in 2009. He is now teaching the next generation of watchmakers, passing on his skills and expertise to younger Seiko craftsmen.

Credor caliber 6S99, a chronograph with hand engraving - an example of Kazushi Kannondo's work.

The Medal with Yellow Ribbon celebrates individuals that have become public role models through diligence and perseverance in their professional activities. It is one of six different Medals of Honour awarded by the government of Japan (alongside Red, Green, Purple, Blue and Dark Blue) that recognises individual achievements in various fields. The medals are awarded twice a year, on April 29th (the birthday of the Shōwa Emperor) and November 3 (the birthday of the Meiji Emperor).
Kazushi Kannondo is the fifth Seiko craftsman to receive the prestigious award, following Mamoru Sakurada in 2005, Kenji Shiohara in 2006, Kiyoshi Terui in 2007 and Kazuo Takeoka in 2010.
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