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Ebel Classic Hexagon Watch Review


Ebel’s new “Classic Hexagon” is an “anything” watch. They define it as simultaneously classic and contemporary. This versatility extends far beyond the occasion. Though it is a man’s watch, it functions equally well for women. It’s a piece that can be worn out on the pitch or at the office. 

This is a rare trait amongst luxury watches. Most are designed for either work or play, for men or for women, for casual luxury or eye-catching brilliance. The pieces do one or two things well; for any other function, you’ll surely need another watch. It seems as though the Ebel Classic Hexagon resolves a lot of that uncertainty. Here you have a piece that’s flexible, able to meet diverse needs.
Ebel introduced two models, two complementary and contrasting pieces: one black, one white. Perhaps there’s a case to be made that between a black Ebel Classic Hexagon and a white one, there’s very little need for any other timepiece?

Who needs baubles and gaudy elegance? Everything about this watch is refreshingly simple, from its subtle hexagonal 41mm case to the unadorned and uncomplicated face. The automatic watches eschew additional dials. There are no numerals or numbers along the hour intervals, only a simple date display at the three o’clock position. Additionally, the number of hands is limited to three: an hour, a minute, and a second. The face is either solid black or white, with a matching leather strap. 

Simple should never be confused with “cheap” or notions of inferior quality. Indeed, one could make the case that a watch that doesn’t attempt to deceive you with a brash exterior must sell itself on other, more meritorious grounds. Handsome on the outside, it exudes a certain confidence in itself--in its versatility, simplicity, and quality. This is Ebel craftsmanship at its very best.
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