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CITIZEN Watch Review

CITIZEN strives to continue its legacy of excellence and creativity that began in 1930. 


The brand responds to a strongly felt duty to create excellent craftsmanship that will spark a positive change in today’s world. By welcoming the future and continuing to evolve without boundaries, the watch brand has no limitations in imagination, innovation and creativity. CITIZEN adopts their role seriously and responsibly ensuring that every aspect of their craft is manufactured expertly. Dedicated to their artistic nature the designers and engineers work harmoniously to push forward the boundaries and create new incredible possibilities in technical advancement. 


An example of their ingenuity is the creation of the light driven watch; a proud technical discovery for the CITIZEN team. The invention was realised in 1976, way ahead of rivals and a concept that developed into the Eco-Drive in 1995. The extraordinary discovery fundamentally changed the way watches are powered by using electrical power converted from any light source. The Eco-Drive successfully made the annoying task of replacing batteries redundant allowing for wearers to enjoy the unlimited use of the CITIZEN watch. 


CITIZEN strive to strictly follow their ethos in everything that they do. A mantra which is at the heart of the brand - “The Fusion of Technology and Beauty.” These words provide a source of motivation to marry innovative thinking with beautiful design; a statement that allows for the team to ensure that act and perform at their best at all times. 


Join their mission by browsing the selection of CITIZEN watches at Jura Watches.

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