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The Bremont Watch Martin Baker MBII Green Watch Review

The Bremont Watch Martin Baker MBII Green lands at Jura Watches to sit amongst the existing aviation inspired collection. 


The new addition to the range proudly hosts a vivid green case detailing that is visible from a profile angle. The green stripe encircles the case sitting comfortably behind the front dial and stainless steel frame. It is a subtle yet welcomed feature that adds an interesting and unique touch to the Bremont timepiece. Otherwise the Martin Baker MBII Green is a replica of the existing MBII model that was designed in collaboration with the aviation company. 


The MBII is a watch that has undergone and survived vigorous testing to endure ejection from an aircraft in flight. Considering the extreme conditions that an individual lives through upon leaving the plane in this chaotic, dangerous and life saving way ensures that the instrument is equipped to deal with such movement. To be declared worthy of accompanying the pilots who are able to leave the aircraft in this manner, the MB collection was tested in the same way of the seats themselves. The tests include shock, vibration, temperature extremes and salt-fog; no easy feat to surpass, which the Bremont Watch Martin Baker MBII Green does effortlessly. The complex movement is protected by an anti-magnetic Faraday cage and an anti-shock case mount, which is uniquely designed by the expert engineers at Bremont. 


Take a further look at the Bremont Watch Martin Baker MBII Green at Jura Watches.

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