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Fossil Watch Review

FOSSIL prides itself on being the first American brand to bring value and style to the watch industry.


Since 1984, FOSSIL have successfully developed their concept of infusing functionality with a stylistic, chic aesthetic on the wrist. The D.N.A of the creative, accessible outlet is their dedication to people, product and culture that is released in every design crafted under the FOSSIL umbrella. Focusing in particular on forming an identity that derives from the authenticity of the yesteryears is a winning formula. Reviving a much loved and admired vintage style and injecting it with a new creative spirit and sense of humour sets the watches apart from rivals. FOSSIL breed watches that invest a nostalgic look into the past but jump into the present with a contemporary twist. The concept is referenced in their tagline that reads “Long Live Vintage.”


The in-house design team are highly experienced and trained to bring unique and innovative watch concepts to the forefront of the market without a substantial increase in cost. A formula that works extremely well and has led the brand to success. A strong feature that has earned a dedicated following from FOSSIL fans is the tins that are used as packaging for the watches. The tin designs feature different graphics that have become very popular amongst admirers of the brand who collect, trade and sell the packaging. It is FOSSIL’s ethos to continually strive for creative excellence in all aspects of the brand, which is delivered with precision, innovation and pride. 


Secure your very own FOSSIL creation at Jura Watches. 



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