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Dietrich OT-5 and OT-6 Watch Review

Dietrich Watches continue to add to their OT collection with the stunning OT-5 and OT-6.


The visual aesthetic and principles of the timepiece remain intact yet the major difference is the colour palette that the two additions adopt. Dietrich Watches understand that the chosen colours of a timepiece completely transform the appearance of a watch considerably. The OT-5 and OT-6 are fundamentally the same watch in technicality and features yet the specific hues offer a new vision appealing to different audiences. 


The OT-5 embrace luxurious shades of brown that compliment each other effortlessly. The layers each chose a variety from the brown colour spectrum providing a deliciously discreet dial. The markings and hands adopt a matte gold hue that contrasts magically against the velvety shades complimenting the dial perfectly. The OT-5 offers a new experience for Dietrich Watches fans. 


In complete contrast, the OT-6 welcomes a striking orange and grey colour combination that provides a distinctive and vivid offering. The uniquely shaped hands and some markings stand out in the bright orange hue that matches the top stitching on the leather strap with perforated holes. Teamed with a calm dark and light grey colouring the watch is striking without becoming a novelty piece. The strong, bold and daring piece will attract those who wish to make a statement with a Dietrich wrist watch. 


Explore the OT-5 and OT-6 at Jura Watches. 


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