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Sinn Watch 901 Leather Limited Edition Watch Review

The Sinn Watch 901 Leather Limited Edition has arrived at Jura Watches.


The striking timepiece, which is made to a limitation of 150 pieces possesses a unique shape that strays away from the conventional round case that Sinn are familiar with. Collaborating with SUG in Glashutte, Sinn were inspired to produce a sophisticated case with an added technical advantage. The wearer is easily able to adjust the lugs to lengthen or shorten the strap length depending on the size of their wrist. This concept gave SUG an opportunity to explore new designs and production methods to produce such a contraption. 


The bold square case with soft rounded sides echoes the pattern markings on the creative dial. The stainless steel casing is polished, satinized and surface-hardened with TEGIMENT Technology  to ensure that the case is especially scratch-resistant. In addition, the Temperature Resistance Technology allows for the timepiece to survive temperatures between - 40°C to + 80°C. 


The dial formation of lines in thick and thin varieties provides an artistic touch that has a definite art deco style. The white hour rectangles are extremely prominent with those situated either side of the corner joining together with a thinner line. A grey border frames the dial with discreet minute markings, which add to the 1920’s art movement appearance. The vivid red sharp seconds hand stand out alongside the smaller hands on the two centre counters. 


Check out the Sinn Watch 901 Leather Limited Edition timepiece here. 


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