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G-Shock Watch Review

G-Shock earns the title of the ‘ultimate tough watch’ due to the determination and dream to produce a watch that never breaks; a resilient, robust, strong and infinite timepiece collection.


Failing to feel intimidated by the huge challenge ahead the design team sought comfort in a “Triple 10” development concept - 10 meter free fall endurance, 10 bar water resistance and a 10 year battery life was the key to success. To create a watch that defies break-ability and a sudden end of life G-Shock carried out experimental prototypes to test endurance. The number reached 200 until the developers were 100% satisfied with 2 years dedicated to the structural development and parts. With a difficult, exhausting, committed and long process of trial error the G-Shock watch brand was ready to be unveiled to challenge rivals and stun watch connoisseurs. 


The shock resistant structure within the G-Shock models challenged the traditional concepts associated with the watch industry and revolutionised the way individuals thought about watches; a new way of thinking that breaks conventional moulds was born. Since the initial launch of G-Shock over 25 years ago the watch brand has continue to progress and develop through their core ethos that sparked the launch of the powerful label. The belief that G-Shock can be the toughest most resilient watch collection on the market drives their passion and runs through the D.N.A of each model. The courageous spirit lives in each new advancement and watch that is realised under the G-Shock umbrella. 


Explore the G-Shock collection available at Jura Watches.

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