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GRAHAM Watches History Review

The exploration of GRAHAM Watches history and current status finds an interesting and passionate tale. 


CEO, Eric Loth fulfilled his academic duties graduating with qualifications in engineering, physics and business leading him to working in the watch industry for companies such as the Swatch Group as executive managing director of a product development centre; the taste and intrigue for watchmaking began in this role shaping a bright future for the founder of GRAHAM Watches. His passion for innovation and art led him to forming an independent watch brand where his artistic expression together with his intellectual mind could be realised. 


The initial stages of founding the unique luxury watch label began by asking questions of ‘What is the difference between a chronograph and a good chronograph? Between a simple watch and an atypical one?’ The answer lay in the hands of George Graham who is famously recognised as the father of the chronograph earning the title through inventing crucial aspects in watchmaking that remain relevant today. Eric Loth pays tribute to his discoveries by continuing his legacy merging his ideas into a modern setting. The infusion of Eric’s Swiss engineering experience and the resurgence of British history is a winning formula. 


During the 15 year journey Eric has earned 30 international patents in material technology and watch developments; an amazing achievement that has secured innovation and unique concepts that have revolutionised and shaped the face of the watch industry admired by connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike. The GRAHAM timepieces express his experience as a driver who competes in the Swiss Porsche Cup and passion for contemporary art, history and rock music.


GRAHAM Watches explains: “No need to test the depth of his convictions. Every watch is a challenge which reveals its own story. Never easy, that is the trick, his visionary spirit and unfailing creativity are stronger than ever. Independent and innovative, the GRAHAM brand is driven by passion.”


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