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SevenFriday Reveal Teaser of New Watch

SevenFriday are soon to release a new masterpiece to add to their unique selection of stunning watches. 


However, only a small glimpse of the new timepiece has been unveiled creating a mysterious air to the design of the SevenFriday V. Shot from a profile angle and in front of a black backdrop the watch gives very little away with lighting cleverly falling on the timepiece to reveal the shape and shade of the case. It appears that the mystery timekeeper will embrace a black or charcoal grey hue for the robust case that frames the unknown dial. The shape appears to follow their signature oversized square construction with smooth round edges. The new SevenFriday release image hints to a powerful, strong and dynamic instrument that watch connoisseurs will be eager to secure to their wrist. Yet we can only but guess what the secretive SevenFriday V will have to offer but we can rest assured that the new edition will be innovative, creative and spectacular due to the brands strong reputation. 


As the anticipation and excitement builds to the release date in early September we can only but wonder what the chosen influence, aesthetic and movement will be. We are hoping that a series of clues will be released prior to the official launch so we can a get a fix of SevenFriday’s innovative thinking, technical advancements and creative mind. We are sure that the SevenFriday V timepiece will be worth the wait. Stay tuned for any new developments as we will be sure to keep you updated right here at Jura News. 


In the meantime browse SevenFriday’s existing collection hosted at Jura Watches.

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