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Rotary Watch Review

Rotary Watches is dedicated to designing classic pieces that have been recognised worldwide for their passion for unveiling creations that embody tradition. 


Moise Dreyfuss founded the award winning watch company in 1895 and proudly remains in the hands of the Dreyfuss family to this day. The founder realised his dreams in the Swiss town of La Chaux de Fonds and his legacy continues via the Dreyfuss Group Holdings. Robert Dreyfuss successfully leads Rotary Watches into present day allowing for the classic brand to hold the title of the ‘oldest family-owned and run Swiss watchmaker.’ Moise Dreyfuss was intent on producing beautiful watches with timeless elegance. Ensuring they were delivered with an exquisite attention to detail and a first class personal service the watch company expanded quickly leading to a UK presence 12 years later. The iconic winged Rotary logo was launched in 1925 and with Teddy Dreyfuss at the helm, the brand witnessed a new direction after the war. He focused on introducing innovative watches, sophisticated marketing and powerful advertising campaigns to ensure that the brand evolves with modern thinking; a trait that has continued to drive the brand into a contemporary age and survive a long-lasting journey attracting a modern audience. 


Their ability to continuously adapt to a new market via a classic design aesthetic is key to their success. Rotary Watches is now available in over 35 countries worldwide ensuring that their prices are affordable and their design vision is stylish and timeless. The watch brand are experts on infusing a contemporary yet classic feel in an effortless way; the secret to their global success. 


Embrace the selection of Rotary Watches available at Jura Watches.

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