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The NOMOS Glashutte Tangente 33 Doctors Without Borders Watch Review

The NOMOS Glashutte Tangente 33 Doctors Without Borders/Medecins Sans Frontieres continues!!!


The charitable initiative was so successful that the initial Limited Edition watches sold out yet NOMOS Glashutte have revived the generous drive that raises funds for Doctors Without Borders’ humanitarian assistance in crisis zones. The vital cause provides clean water, operations and medicines to individuals who are in desperate needs of the resources that many take for granted. Special edition models will be available in Germany, USA, and the UK specifically to support emergency aid. The vivid red 12 featured on each watch indicates the inclusion in the initiative along with the small inscription located beneath 6 o’clock with reference to the Nobel Peace Prize winning organisation. 


The concept behind the charitable collection is that each NOMOS Glashutte timepeice sold will ensure that a proportion of the sale price will be donated to emergency aid. To be exact 100 dollars, euros or pounds will be given to the cause that will save millions of lives around the world. It is heartwarming that the luxury watch brand are considering the lives of others that are less fortunate than themselves. Using their abilities in exceptional watch making to support and help others is a selfless, breathtaking act that will be admired internationally. Without compromising on the quality and beauty of a NOMOS timepiece the collection is bound to attract watch enthusiasts ensuring that a positive affect will be made on those less fortunate. 


If you wish to make an impact and support NOMOS Glashutte’s campaign to raise money for the emergency relief organisation purchase a Tangente 33 Doctors Without Borders Limited Edition at Jura Watches.

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