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Bell & Ross Watch Celebrate Partnership with the Swift Team at Paris Air Show

Bell & Ross’ passion for aviation reveals itself once again with their partnership with Swift Team at Paris Air Show held between 15th-21st June 2015. 


With countless timepieces inspired by aviation to produce unique and exquisite pilot instruments that pride themselves on precision and accuracy, the watch brand’s admiration has now fell on the breathtaking and fascinating sport of Air Racing. The aircraft patrol consists of 5 Glove Swifts that are re-motorised to muster speed and quality of flight as their original form dates back to 1946. The exquisite aircrafts are categorised in the “vintage” section and can incredibly perform elaborate aerobatics to the admiration of many. The pilots dressed in overalls marked with the Bell & Ross brand and a timepiece secured to their wrist are airline pilots that are very much involved in the aeronautical associative environment; professionals who share a love for flying and aviation. 



To mark the collaboration pylons in the Bell & Ross signature shades are positioned on aerodromes during the airshows making a grand gesture. The pylons purpose is to create a ring race that expert pilots can lap within one minute changing from 500 and 800 meters depending on the particular race. Bell & Ross are extremely proud to form a loyal alliance with the Paris Air Show, which fulfils an entertainment purpose for those interested in the art of flying and the historic journey that has evolved throughout the years. Powerful smoke machines and appropriate music sets the scene for a spectacular week long event.



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