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Ball Watch Company Engineer II Green Berets Watch Review

Ball Watch Company forms a strong alliance with the US Army’s elite Special Forces to design the Engineer II Green Berets timepiece


The military experts are trained to perform in extreme and unconventional circumstances. Expected missions include foreign internal defence, peace operations, warfare and direct action raids attracting characters with courage, confidence, discipline and strength. The special forces team earned their title as “Green Berets” due to their iconic headgear and are recognised as a symbol of excellence. The Ball Watch Company masterpiece pays tribute to the elite unit by proudly bearing their Latin motto “De oppress liber,” which translates to “Free from oppression.”



Taking into consideration the circumstances that the Green Berets regularly encounter the timepiece is manufactured in a lightweight yet solid Titanium case with a dark carbide finish, which can withstand the stresses of combat. Ball Watch Company understands that the case is required to stand as a strong form of protection to the movement inside and therefore, can resist magnetic forces up to 4800A/m and forceful impacts of up to 5000G’s. The robust case is also resistant to corrosion and oxidation ensuring that the timekeeper remains operational during the toughest of missions. With a 100m resistance to water due to the solid construction and screw down crown, an anti-reflective coated and scratch resistant Sapphire crystal covering the dial and a diameter that reaches 43mm the timepiece becomes the perfect candidate for the US Army’s Special Forces team. Of course, 15 micro gas tubes are fitted to the hour, minute, second hands and dial for readability in restricted lighting, which do not require charging or exposure to light; an innovative system that has allowed for Ball to declare as their own genius invention. 


Indulge in the exquisite timekeeper that has embraced and honoured the extreme challenges that the Green Berets face.

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