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Seiko Astron GPS Solar Limited Edition Watch

Seiko has entered a partnership with Giugiaro Design to create a new edition of Seiko Astron GPS Solar.

The Limited Edition watch is due for release in the summer alongside six new Astron Chronograph models. The exclusive design includes the 8X caliber (which debuted in Baselworld 2014) with a figure of 5,000 to be manufactured. Giugiaro Design are recognised for their avant-garde approach with a reputation that surpasses rivals and the Astron GPS Solar Chronograph proudly stands as one of the most advanced watch calibers in the world. Therefore, their natural collaboration has lead to a unique Limited Edition design.

The Astron GPS Solar Chronograph is perfect for the global traveller with a feature that adjusts to various time zones via the touch of one button and a 6-hour chronograph of high precision. (Please note that manual selection may be needed if there are changes in the region/time zone.) The sports watch is unique in design with the injection of colour and Arabic figures on the highly-legible dial encompassed by a lightweight titanium case. A sports car wheel inspires the case back design, which presents the “Giugiaro Design Limited Edition” marking and each watch’s unique serial number. The Astron GPS Solar Chronograph is available with both a leather strap and a titanium bracelet with ceramic insets providing the opportunity to choose the appearance of the watch. The interior dial ring clearly includes the UTC time zones and the bezel is a tachymeter for the instant calculation of speed.

Collaborative work between Seiko and Giugiaro Design dates back to the early 1980s with the release of the first analogue quartz watch in 1983 and a second creative partnership over a decade later to launch the Macchina Sportiva in 1996. The collaboration has become a successful working relationship bringing an avant-garde feel to sports design.

To compliment the Giugiaro Design six innovative Astron GPS Solar chronographs will be released as a reaction to the increasing demand. The variation in design cater for both a luxurious, sleek market and a more rugged sport appearance. Two fasten with crocodile leather straps and a titanium case, three feature stainless steel bracelets with ceramic inserts and one is completely made in stainless steel.

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