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MeisterSinger Watch Circularis Wins iF Design Award

The MeisterSinger Circularis is the winner of the iF Design Award - a recognition of design excellence and outstanding design achievements.

The iF Award is perceived world-wide as an act of quality and precision within design. The MeisterSinger Circularis was selected from amongst almost 5,000 submissions by a 53-person judge panel in Hamburg. Due to the watch’s consistent and well-balanced design the adjudicators deemed the Circularis worthy of such a prestigious award. The award presentation ceremony is scheduled for February 27th will be documented in the iF design app, which is recognised for trendsetting design within the industry. The achievement will be celebrated at an exhibition held at the centre of Hamburg;s HafenCity district.

The MeisterSinger Circularis marks the first design to be powered by a unique movement (exclusive to their watches) that has been perfected with the support of their Swiss partner. The design focuses on outstanding precision and the correct power movement to drive single-hand watches together with a pleasing aesthetic. The founder of MeisterSinger watches, Manfred Brassler, secured the fitting of the movement with an original shaped bridge to combine the technical aspect with the appearance opting for a stainless steel case and a serif font that graces the dial. Taking inspiration from the ancient forebears of modern chronometers (the old sundials) the dial features a slightly concave recess with twelve slender markings. Upon moving the polished face in the light the dial repeatedly forms a new appearance.

MeisterSinger is proud to announce their achievement as recognition of their deign ethos is fully understood and appreciated internationally. The iF award is globally formed as the jury consists of design professionals from 20 nations, working as one team.

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