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The Frederique Constant E-Strap Watch Review


‘Make Any Analog Watch Smart’ is the newest slogan by Frederique Constant. Their latest venture into the world of the smartwatch, is officially patented as the E-Strap; a buckle and strap that fits an analog watch transforming the classic timepiece into a smartwatch. The clever invention allows for everyone to be connected and to catch a glimpse of the future without making your existing collection redundant. Attach the beautiful leather strap to your favourite quartz or automatic  Frederique Constant timepiece to instantly turn the traditional watch into a connected device. 


A sophisticated, ultra-thin buckle extension is barely noticed due to its slimness and the stunning leather strap; a slick introduction to the E-Strap guaranteeing desirability and elegance on the wrist. The buckle simply becomes a seamless, discreet addition to your device. The strap provides the full Horological Smartwatch functionality allowing for wearers to link to the MMT-365 App to track activity and monitor sleep.




The fine leather strap and buckle is available in an assortment of colours to suit personal preference. Working with MMT SwissConnect, Frederique Constant have launched an innovative strap that has a rechargeable battery, an ultra low power processor and a highly integrated electronics device with bluetooth capabilities. 


By pairing the E-Strap to the MMT-365 app the wearer will be able to: 


  • Track daily steps, calories burnt and distance. 
  • Record sleep pattern with details on deep sleep, light sleep and when you were awake. 
  • Set a sleep alarm.
  • Activate Get Active Alerts
  • Receive coaching suggestions and tips
  • Recover all of your data even if the E-Strap or phone is lost. 


Simply press the discreet pusher to activate. To switch between Activity Tracking (orange LED light) and Sleep Monitoring (blue LED light) just press the pusher for three seconds. The battery life is up to an impressive 7 days.

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