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The Fortis Watch Baselworld Collection Review


The Fortis Baselworld 2017 line up is spectacular with a collection of outstanding instruments that conquer space, beach vacations and the conceptual art world. Their fascination with aviation that reaches above and beyond results in powerful, mesmerising designs that demand attention. The softer, subtle charm of the artistic influence and the tranquil beach life similarly make a strong impact through simplicity; a collection that unites different worlds via compelling design and a scientific appreciation under the expert eye of Fortis. 



Fortis Watch Cosmonautis Stratoliner Parabola Limited Edition



Inspired by the reconnaissance flights of the 60s, where aviation reached a new height to fly unsuspected over enemy lines the Stratoliner is fearless and bold. Timepieces during these courageous missions were equipped to survive space like conditions. A model in which Fortis have modernised for today’s market to release a fierce, powerful design ready to take on aviation expeditions with a highly legible dial and robust case. In addition to the Parabola limited edition of 200 pieces, Fortis have launched a strong All Black limited edition symbolising the outlook into the exosphere and open space. 





Fortis Watch Terrestis Rolf Sachs 2.4ml Limited Edition



Marking the fourth collaboration with artist Rolf Sachs, the limited edition explores the visuals and techniques of chemistry laboratories. The model debuts a new way of crafting a Fortis timepiece by embracing the scientific process of ambering. The measurements that circle the white dial is in fact printed to the scratch resistant glass surface rather than the dial itself. A technique that involves applying the artwork by hand and then dipping into the amber stain tank followed by baking at a high temperature in an industrial oven. The exclusive piece welcomes the handcrafted concept that allows each instrument to be truly unique! A stunning design that merges science with the arts to create an incredible piece. 





Fortis Watch Aquatis Shoreliner Vik Beach P.M. 



Specifically designed for globe trotters who love nothing more than spending time at the beach in the summer heat, the new designs will be shore to make an impact in the Aquatis world. The Shoreliner guarantees to provide clear visibility via a clear, minimal structure that chooses to replace numbers with bold shapes. The series takes influence from famous beaches such as VIK Beach; an Icelandic coastal haven that is known for its black sand - an apt name for the stunning black dial of the Shoreliner Vik Beach P.M. A stunning design that will be sure to make waves in the watchmaking world. 



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