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The SevenFriday S1/01 Watch Review


Remaining true to their strong industrial roots, SevenFriday unveil the S1/01 at Baselworld 2017. An outstanding timepiece that in particular brings focus to clean industries with recycling being at the forefront of their inspiration; a process that emerged as a result of industrial design. SevenFriday showcase their conscious construction with a recyclable number 7 transparent animation ring. A design feature that allows for the wearer to view the stainless steel body and metallic blue fixing screws adding a unique edge to the SevenFriday design. 


The innovative watch brand desire for their fans to witness their skilled craftsmanship with an emphasis on sustainability. A huge topic of discussion in the modern world of industrial manufacture where recycling is vital to the future of the environment. An understanding and awareness of the importance of recycling is evident in the S1/01 with the incorporation of nylon allowing for transparency; a feature that compliments the open, multi-layer dial that allows for the wearer to witness the intricate construction at work. 




Peer through the specially hardened anti-reflective mineral glass to admire the hint of metallic blue that provides legibility enhanced by the SuperLuminova coating. The stunning polished and sandblasted stainless steel case provides a strong, bold aesthetic true to SevenFriday’s design ethos. Finished with a black leather strap, the S1/01 brings a masculine feel to the wrist.


Proudly addressing an issue that is extremely relevant in todays society and touches the industrial world so profoundly, SevenFriday launch a spectacular, dynamic instrument as a constant reminder to clean technology without neglecting the core aesthetics of the brand. 

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