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TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45 Watch Review


Step into the role of watchmaker with the second generation of the connected watch - the TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45. Unveiled this week, TAG have developed the smartwatch further offering an original concept for watch connoisseurs worldwide. The innovative watch brand allows for the consumer to design the timepiece from a selection of materials, colours and combinations; an opportunity rarely given to connected enthusiasts. 


The new connected model is interchangeable with a variety of lugs, cases, straps and buckles to choose from; a feature that allows for the watch to be tailored to suit your personal style. The revolutionary concept does not distract from the beautiful design and bold aesthetic demanding attention on the wrist.




High quality materials have been sourced to guarantee exceptional craftsmanship -  titanium, ceramic and rose gold. Engineered in collaboration with Intel the device is water-resistant to 50 metres enabling you to swim, run and ski with no fear, features GPS to track your journey, has NFC sensor for payments, a high definition AMOLED screen and an array of customisable TAG Heuer dials to choose from.




Influenced by their heritage the 30 watch dials are very much linked to TAG’s identity. Depending on your mood, the dial can be changed with a swipe of a finger. Go from white to gold or a chronograph to a skeleton dial in an instant. 


Alternatively, the TAG Heuer Studio dial configurator allows for you to design a personalised dial selecting the colours, indice/hand metal, lacquered tips and SuperLuminova details. Easily coordinate your watch to compliment your business suit, running gear or swimsuit. Just like your phone easily set a wallpaper photograph. Another fantastic feature is the interactive counters, which allow for you to display up to three apps on the dial itself. 




Of course, the new Connected Modular 45 links to the digital information that has become crucial to modern living; contacting and accessing information on the wrist is an incredible resource that TAG Heuer appreciate with the improved Android Wear 2.0 and TAG Heuer Companion app; an app ensuring the experience is easy and hassle free. The new device balances the eagerness for the future and the fondness of tradition. As with the first connected watch (which was a roaring success) the new release is a genuine Swiss watch fused with the latest technologies available in Silicon Valley. Its predecessor pushed the boundaries of traditional watchmaking and cutting-edge technology whereas the new design continues its legacy evolving the concept further. 




Sitting proudly in the Carrera collection, the Connected Modular 45 stands out for its forward thinking. Not only is the design choice yours, the customer can choose their Swiss mechanical movement also. A 3 hands calibre 5 or the prestigious Grande Complication is on offer - change the heart of your watch easily. 


The Connected Modular 45 is an innovative device that is predicting the needs of the future. TAG Heuer understands the technology led world that we live in, responds and evolves to what lies ahead.

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