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MeisterSinger Neo Plus Review


Neo is hailed as a design classic due to its slim silhouette, thin bezel, functional typography and domed plexi glass; an exquisite MeisterSinger instrument that boasts a simplicity that combines modernity with a nostalgia of the 50s. The only complaint was the 36-millimeter diameter case that some felt was a little too small for the wrist. In a response to the watch enthusiasts feedback MeisterSinger launch the Neo’s “big sister” - the Neo Plus


Boasting a 40-millimeter diameter, the Neo Plus remains true to its predecessor yet makes a larger impact for 2017. Choosing the sans serif Helvetica font for the numerals compliments the dial perfectly. At 6 o’clock, the round date window stands out contrasting against the colour of the dial. The Neo Plus is presented in five shades with beautiful suede straps - the original ivory, black, sunburst green and midnight blue remain available yet MeisterSinger introduce the new opaline version; a silvery, matt shimmering white dial. The striking red single hour hand and date disk on the green and black models is another new feature for the Neo Plus along with the red 12 hour marker; a bold pop of colour rarely seen by the MeisterSinger. The brand usually opts for calm, neutral colours yet the Neo Plus sparks a change for the brand. 


The beautifully, slim design is surprisingly robust with the flat-domed glass manufactured from hardened plastic and a screwed back stainless steel water-resistant case. Overall, the MeisterSinger Neo Plus is an extraordinary piece that draws upon elements that truly work evolving features slightly to enhance the design further. 

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