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Junghans Meister Driver Automatic Watch Review


Released last year, the Junghans Watch Meister Driver Handaufzug was well received due to its nostalgic beauty; a charming instrument inspired by the classic cars of the 1930s. 2017 allows for Junghans to revisit the beautiful design releasing five new additions to the line up. Keeping the design principle of the dial intact the watch face is instantly identifiable as a Junghan yet the new colours transform the feel and presence of the instrument dramatically. The designs celebrate the freedom of joy and travel of the 50's. A time where colourful automobiles provided the possibility for holidays by the sea and a joyful, happy mood. Junghans use these colours as a nostalgic reference with fondness of a new found freedom and independence. 




Fire red, mint green, sky blue, chocolate brown and emerald green are the chosen shades; all bring a completely new quality to the watch in different ways. The pastel duo bring a springlike, joyful feel to the wrist whereas the darker, velvety shades adds a vintage charm remembering the classic gents of the era who enjoyed the adventure of motor cars.  The pop of red is alone standing out as a bold character amongst the rest yet still capturing the essence of a joyful freedom. To compliment each hue the case alters in colour also. The traditional shades - British racing green and warm brown opt for a grand rose gold whereas the remaining trio welcome a steel casing naturally altering the price by £200. The colour is injected in a sophisticated way by outlining the numerals on the dial. The leather watch strap also embraces each colour contrasting beautifully against the silver dial and a reference to the car interiors. 




The design aesthetic is taken from the dashboard speedometer of the Maybach DS 8 Zeppelin. Reflecting the motor cars attention to detail, the dial is legible, clear and precise to guarantee reliability in a sophisticated, elegant form; a beautiful arrangement that allows for the new colours to leap from the dial without loosing the beautiful charm of its predecessor. A homage to exquisite, luxury cars that enabled for travel to the sea, countryside and the open road. 

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