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Bremont Norton V4RR Watch Review


The powerful, fierce Norton V4RR has become the muse for one of Bremont’s latest releases. A well deserved celebration of the futuristic, breathtaking machine that translates remarkable well on the wrist. The striking Bremont Norton V4RR Limited Edition tribute piece is exquisite; a standout out number for the brand. 


The Bremont Norton collaboration is a natural pairing with their shared British heritage. Manufactured in Britain, designer Simon Skinner has engineered a distinctive design inspiring like-minded watch brand, Bremont. On first glance, the iridescent silver dial demands attention echoing the shell of the superbike. A shade that immediately adds an air of exclusivity to the Limited Edition piece. Framed by the beautifully polished Trip-Tick three-piece case, the watch face is exquisitely elegant. 




The hint of red found on the seconds hand and the top stitching of the leather racing strap is taken from the motorbike also. A colour associated with speed! The exposed case back reveals the heart of the instrument sealed with a red that resembles the inner wheel; another feature that links the two British brands beautifully. The black numerals resemble the classic Norton typeface with the gold logo sitting above the date display at 6 o’clock. The black chronograph counters are encircled in a gold border ensuring that they stand out against the silver background. A highly legible dial that embraces the stylistic concept, well thought out arrangement and bold aesthetic. 


Manufactured to a limitation of 200 pieces the Bremont Norton V4RR is an extraordinary piece that is sure to be a huge success. With a unique influence, Bremont have effortlessly combined speed intensity, design integrity and a bold aesthetic to release a sophisticated, eye-catching piece. 


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