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SevenFriday Q Series Watch Review


The launch of the Q-Series sparks new influences for SevenFriday without loosing their commitment to industrialisation. Utilising the unique case shape of the V-Series, the new editions welcome a stunning new dial that is instantly recognisable as a SevenFriday design via construction and placement; a similarity that each model welcomes uniting the trio. However, each embraces different design features inspired by its individual influencer. 


Music is at the core for the Q1/01 looking to recording studio equipment for inspiration. Fascinated by the high-tech dials that demands a crisp silence the atmosphere of the recording studio is concentrated and focused. Studying a range of modern and vintage machines found in recording studios the model is an interpretation of their findings. The monochrome colour combination paired with a steel case and decentralised 24 hour ring is a nod to the analog recording instruments and mixing consoles of the late sixties. A sleek, considered piece for the modern gent. 




The exploration of vintage steamboats of the 1800s comes into play with the Q2/01; an industrial masterpiece that enabled luxurious travel for wealthy holiday goers. The introduction of copper elements to the watch face is a tribute to the Engine Order Telegraph - a communication device aboard the steamboat. The copper hue along with the brown calf leather strap brings a warmer touch to the collection contrasting against that polished stainless steel case.




The final piece brings us to the excitement of a racing pit lane. The familiar feeling of anticipation, the overwhelming smells and loud sounds of engines living up to their expectations is at the forefront of the Q3/01. Again, SevenFriday analysed old and new equipment that has been present in pit lane garages over the years to design the dynamic masterpiece. The brand focused on the tire pressure gauges as the main inspiration for the dial. The black PVD case with hints of red, orange and green signify the influence perfectly bringing a powerfully intense option to the fold. 




The Q-Series marks a first for the brand with the inclusion of a date function. The feature lies to the right of the decentralised 24H ring at the centre of the unique watch face. A new addition that enhances the dial celebrating it’s complete originality and innovative design. 


SevenFriday have successfully found new inspirations within their industrial scope. Finding influence in travel, music and racing has enabled for SevenFriday to create a stunning, unique collection for watch enthusiasts.

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