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Grand Seiko Hi-Beat 36000 Limited Edition Watch Review


The breathtakingly beautiful Mt. Iwate is captured in Grand Seiko’s newest Limited Edition. The towering dormant volcano that is visible in almost any place in Morioka (including through the windows of the Shizuku-ishi Watch Studios  - the home to where all Grand Seiko mechanical watches are realised) is entwined into the heart of the exclusive piece. The tall landscape at dawn as the morning sun rises particularly inspired the infusion of colours witnessed on the new Grand Seiko Hi-Beat 36000 GMT Limited Edition


The deep red dial emulates the beautiful colour witnessed as the sun hits the ridged contours of Mt.Iwate on clear mornings; a vision too delicate and special to neglect. The intricate pattern created is truly special to Grand Seiko - a unique moment echoed on the dial. 


Upon turning the Hi-Beat 36000 GMT over a glittering oscillating weight awaits; a splendid, unique feature, which again pays tribute to the breathtaking sunrise at Mt.Iwate. A graduation of blue, purple, orange and yellow that contribute to the spectacular vision as the dawn light strikes the lurking landscape is magical - as is the case back of the limited edition. Realised by an anodic oxidation treatment applied to the titanium, the oscillating weight is a sight to behold; a strong, durable, long lasting beauty that can resist severe shock. 




Of course, the Limited Edition remains committed to Grand Seiko’s core values of precision, legibility, comfort and durability. Revisiting the well received 2014 36000 Hi-Beat GMT design, the timepiece is highly equipped for the international traveller. To complete the collection Grand Seiko have added two classic models with a black and cream dial with alligator straps. Sharing the exact features of a transparent case back, a water resistance of 10 bar and a sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating, the collection is a magnificent blend of technicality and beauty. 



Grand Seiko have successfully transported their beautiful morning vision for the world to appreciate; a magical moment realised on the wrist. 

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