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Oris Divers Sixty Five Green Watch Review


Dive back in time and resurface to find a new companion of the green variety. The iconic Oris Divers Sixty-Five design has welcomed a stunning makeover reviving a 1960’s classic. The diving innovators present a deep green dial replacing the blue shade of its predecessor launched at Baseworld just this year. The introduction of the green hue provides a completely different dimension to the vintage inspired model that will turn many watch enthusiasts green with envy!


The deep oceanic green dial not only serves as a fresh look but allows for the hour markers, hands and bezel zero to leap from the watch face due to the severe contrast. The retro aesthetic is further enhanced as the vintage-coloured Super-LumiNova features stand out against the emerald green backdrop; a vital function of a divers watch to ensure legibility deep underwater. 


The new edition is available with four strap options, each dramatically changing the character of the timepiece completely. The black rubber dial is a direct influence from the original 1960s design - a robust choice for the professional divers amongst us. The hardwearing brushed stainless steal bracelet is another nod to the sixties model with the round-headed pins holding the links firmly together. A distressed vintage leather strap allows for the model to equally feel at home on land as at sea and the retro green and black NATO strap brings a contemporary approach. 




If unfamiliar with Oris’ iconic Divers Sixty-Five collection lets delve deeper into its heritage reviving the sixties era; a legacy that is nostalgically  remembered on the case back in the form of an engraved historic shield. The original model is recognised as one of Oris’ first diver’s watches emerging in 1965. During the sixties, diving apparatus was developed significantly with reliable underwater timing instruments highly sought after; of course, Oris rose to the challenge creating watches to exceed expectations setting a strong reputation in the diving world. 


Oris proudly established themselves as one of the leading manufacturers of diving watches exploring the silent world, which very much remains intact today. 

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