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Introducing REC Watches


Now you can wear the legends of the American car industry on your wrist with REC Watches – the latest watch brand to join us at Jura. Armed with a unique concept and a passion for icons of the automobile world, REC Watches tell a story through each stunning design - and scratch. Made from salvaged, recycled parts of legendary vehicles such as the Ford Mustang, Porsche and Mini no two designs are the same. An idea that inspired their title – REC- standing for RECOVER, RECYCLE, RECLAIM.


Each watch stands alone as a true original - totally new yet 40 years old (and more) simultaneously. Taking parts from classic cars that have aged gracefully over the years adds a distressed, individual look to the every timepiece. Each tells a story deriving from the automobiles journey so far; its spirit lives on with its DNA firmly planted in the form of a watch. Tracking the cars origin and previous owners brings their role as storyteller to light. These vintage classics are not forgotten yet re-imagined on the wrist.


Preserving as much of the patina as possible the designs take on a visual aesthetic like no other, creating a unique identity easily recognisable as a REC. Built to last a lifetime, each instrument honours impeccable design from the past dressed in a new uniform. 




Founded by Danish duo in 2014, the childhood friends, Christain Felix Mygh and Jonathan Kampstrup work relentlessly to bring a innovative approach to watchmaking. Their first collection focused on salvaged Mini Coopers, which received an incredible reception with the first batch selling out very quickly.


The brand always strives to blend distinctive creations with discreet design features and handmade high quality components to bring something truly rare to the watchmaking industry. Each design brings an elegant, racy and sporty feel with curves and edges that echo that of the inspiration. For example, the P51 profile is very much influenced by the back of the Mustang and the dial takes its cues from the dashboard counters.


With Minis, Mustangs and Porches reborn on the wrist, REC Watches don’t stop there. Looking to the skies this time, the duo have set their eyes onto the Supermarine Spitfire aircraft famously from World War II. Launching in November, we can’t wait to see what the talented pair come up with.

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