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Grand Seiko 9F Quartz 25th Anniversary Limited Edition Watch Review


Grand Seiko pay tribute to the Caliber 9F83 released a quarter of a century ago. The original model debuted design and technical advances that brought durability and reliability to the watchmaking industry in 1993. It served as the perfect platform to showcase innovations such as a backlash auto-adjust mechanism, which eliminates shuddering of the second hand; a twin pulse control system to deliver an increased torque and a unique construction to ensure that less dust interferes with the gear train and stepping motor. Each feature demonstrates Grand Seiko’s history in producing high quality watches via a dedicated team. Their strong reputation in acute precision, excellent performance continues today earning their title of the highest performance quartz watch in the world.


This moment in Grand Seiko’s heritage is the perfect time to re-imagine the design for the 21st Century; an anniversary that deserves celebrating in the form of the Grand Seiko 9F Quartz 25th Anniversary Limited Edition. Faithful to the classic original, the new release will certainly be cherished for 25 or more years to come. The exquisite Zaratsu-polished case and white dial are elements that remain from its predecessor. To demand more attention, the case diameter has been increased by 2.1mm to 39.1mm for greater impact. The high-definition, dual-curved sapphire with an anti-reflective coating brings exceptional clarity to the subtle design.




The unique dial with a GS9F monogram design features a special 9F25 sequence at 5 o’clock to commemorate the 25 years of success. In addition, a 5-pointed gold star is positioned just above 6 o’clock as a symbol of precision. Only watches of the highest accuracy are awarded with the star – an annual variation of ±5 seconds.




Turn the exquisite design to find an 18 carat gold lion emblem on the case back. In addition to the stainless steel case, Grand Seiko have also released a design with a gold bezel, oversized rectangular indices and razor sharp hands for an extra special touch.

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