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Bremont Endurance Limited Edition Watch Review


Bremont opened the doors to their London Townhouse to unveil their new designs for 2018. Beautifully displayed inside sat the Endurance Limited Edition inspired by the courageous polar explorer Ernest Shackleton. In particular, the bold Bremont timepiece honours his most famous expedition.


Named after his ship ‘Endurance,’ the robust instrument commends Shackleton’s bravery when he rescued his entire crew after the ship was crushed in the sea ice; an unbelievable story of leadership, navigation and endurance. Failing to complete their mission of crossing the Antarctic continent, Sir Ernest Shackleton brought all 27 of the crew home.


To truly capture Shackleton’s spirit, the limited edition of 300 pieces is able to withstand the extreme climate conditions of the Antarctic continent. Strong navigational skills are vital to a polar explorer therefore, the new design features the points of a compass in tangerine orange to stand out against the black bezel. A colour combination that brings clarity in the stark white canvas of Antarctica.




Brand ambassador, Ben Saunders took on the challenge to test the Endurance Limited Edition. Successfully completing twelve expeditions in the polar regions he was more than qualified for the ultimate test. His career has taken him more than 7000km north of the Arctic circle and South of the Antarctic circle. Setting off in November 2017, Ben completed the first solo and unsupported crossing of Antarctica with the limited edition strapped to his wrist. 




Ben has worked closely with the Bremont design team to ensure that the watch is the perfect companion for the extreme conditions in the polar regions. His insistence that the case was made of titanium ensures that the stealthy design is lightweight on the wrist. Acknowledging that Bremont movements are extremely complex, Ben suggested that the case back should definitely be exposed resulting in a robust case back that can easily reach depths of 500m. Both Shakleton’s and Saunders drive for exploring hostile corners of the world, Bremont includes a GMT function and an engraved outline of the world sat in the centre of the black dial.


Touching on Bremont’s famous motto ‘Tested Beyond Endurance’ the new limited edition is a bold, strong and robust piece that is made to endure the toughest of conditions.

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