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SevenFriday Q2/Q3 Choo Choo Edition Watch Review


The clues in the name – SevenFriday Watch Q2/03 Choo Choo Edition – you guessed it – the inspiration for the brands new release is the history of the railway; a small snippet of history in particular. SevenFriday take us back to 1842 during Queen Victoria’s reign of Great Britain and its powerful empire. She famously became the first monarch to travel by rail departing from London to arrive at Windsor Castle. This journey transformed rail into a luxurious mode of transport, which was the fastest, most technologically advanced way to travel at this time.


Channeling the mechanical force and raw power of the steam engines, the new SevenFriday design has a very industrial aesthetic – a signature of the brand and its fascination with machinery. It captures the pumping of pistons, the harsh sounds of heavy machinery and the grand dark leather and mahogany interior of royal carriages that Queen Victoria would have travelled in. The new addition to the Q-Series celebrates that strong mechanical force that successfully propelled the Orient Express across Europe and the Flying Scotsman from London to Scotland – two capitals of the British Empire.




The stylish charm of the Q2/Q3 Choo Choo Edition remembers a forgotten era of rail travel. A nostalgia for the refined luxury of white linen service that has unfortunately become irrelevant in the rush of modern day lives and travel. Blending both the practicality and grandeur of trains during this time in history brings a stunning piece of equipment to the wrist. When designing the watch face, SevenFriday looked to elements of train drivers dials and apparatus to truly represent this mode of transportation. The accents of gold against the black dial and the distressed leather brown strap is a reflection of the opulence of the 19th Century royal travellers who acquired the carriages.

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