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25 Years of Alexander Shorokhoff


Celebrating 25 years of art on the wrist, Alexander Shorokhoff is the newest brand to join Jura bringing independence and uniqueness in their design approach. A quarter of a century ago, the luxury brand first began in Alzenau – a small idyllic town in Bavaria. Fast forward 25 years and their designs are recognised worldwide admired around the globe.


Travelling the world to source inspiration from different cultures, Alexander Shorokhoff designs are unique and truly original. However, it is his Russian roots that form the foundation of his design style focusing on the countries rich cultural history and millennial art. Combined with German precision, the Alexander Shorokhoff brand boasts individuality, exceptional quality and acute accuracy. Fine craftsmanship and high standards also sit at the heart of the brand.


The watch line up features both traditional design with exceptional, bold ideas. The founders background in architecture and civil engineering ignited his passion for form, colour and extraordinary design. The brands Russian soul forms a strong identity in the watchmaking industry that follows its own path. There first collection of luxury watches – Heritage - honoured iconic Russian artists such as Tchaikovsky, Tolstoy, Dostoevsky and Pushkin. Recognised for his thoughtful, considered approach to design he is known in the watchmaking world as a sensitive watch designer who sings to his own tune.




His avant garde collection allows for him to explore a whole new language of colour bringing a modern and confident style to the market. The abstract, powerful colours are an expression of his creativity in design. An unforgettable watch collection with an independent attitude exploring the concept that art has no limits.


Intent on carving a unique path the designs boast a contemporary aesthetic with a admiration for tradition. With no boundaries to confine him, Alexander Shorokhoff uses the watch as a way to experiment, express himself and above all to put his stamp on the world.

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