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Oris Aquis Source of Life Limited Edition Watch Review


For Oris’ next release, the Aquis Source of Life Limited Edition they ask for us to think about how we care for the world’s water sources. Focusing on the River Rhine – one of the longest, most important rivers in Europe - the new design raises awareness of water pollution. Starting in the Swiss Alps, Rhine flows past Holstein, which has been home to the Oris HQ for over 100 years, and ends at the North Sea at Rotterdam. Its route passes through six countries with a total length of 1232 km, which is illustrated on the case back.


The limitation number of 2343 is also engraved on the case back as a reference to the height (in meters) of the Tomasee, which is the lake in the Alps where the Rhine originates. A link that makes the inspiration very apt is a feeder brook that runs adjacent to the Oris workshops is called Orisbach – the source of the watch brands name.


To strengthen Oris’ support of ocean environmental causes, conservation and marine life the new design highlights waste, pollution, and carelessness that damage innocent aquatic species. Back in the 1980s the Rhine was heavily polluted due to a chemical spill, the Rhine Action Programme has worked tirelessly to clean up the river. The Source of Life Limited Edition celebrates the meaning of water and how it creates, connects and sustains life.




The diving watch is part of the high performing, familiar Aquis collection. The breathtaking sunburst blue dial reflects the beautiful colour of water ways that flow unpolluted. Framed in a 43.5 stainless steel case the stunning watch sits perfectly on the wrist. The date display circles the dial complimenting the silver and white indices, hour and minute hands. True to its diving heritage, the new Aquis is water resistant to 300 metres.


Oris uses a popular design to bring attention to a worthy cause and to raise awareness of water pollution and everyone’s responsibility to act with care and thought.

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