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Introducing Doxa Watches


Calling all adventurers, Doxa is dedicated to designing functional and innovative watches that satisfy the needs of courageous explorers. Born over 130 years ago at the very heart of the Swiss watchmaking industry, Doxa merges traditional craftsmanship with modern styling and expertise.


It all began with Georges Ducommun, a young apprentice whose passion for watchmaking grew deep in Switzerland’s Jura Mountains, in a small town called Le Locle. At the age of 21 he set out on his own bringing meticulous attention to detail, a drive for constant improvement and unrivalled customer service. Doxa, which translates as the Greek word for glory, soon became recognised for their impressive workmanship, quality and value – attributes that remain at the heart of the brands D.N.A, all these years later.


Over the years, Doxa has remained relevant constantly evolving with the times to always deliver highly practical, precise collections that are difficult to resist, more often than not with a vibrant pop of orange that catches the eye every time. Appealing to the most daring adventurers who take on the toughest of challenges, a Doxa timepiece will accompany you to every frontier.


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Doxa SUB 200 Watches


Unveiled at Baselworld 2019, the Doxa SUB 200 is equipped to dive deep beneath the waves with its exceptional quality 316L stainless steel case that survives 200M underwater. The legible dial is available in a variety of vivid colours that demand attention for their brightness and style. Choose from the Sharkhunter (black), the professional (orange), the Searambler (grey), the Carribbean (navy), the Aquamarine (turquoise) and the Divingstar (yellow). Introducing two limited editions to the line up, the SUB 200 T.Graph reimagines an icon and the SUB 200 130th Anniversary celebrates the brands birthday.


Doxa SUB 300T Watches


50 sure does look good! The SUB 300T pays tribute to the release of the SUB 300T Conquistador back in 1969, which was the first general public diver’s watch with a helium release valve. Today’s version nods to the retro styling of its predecessor yet brings all the technical advancements that have been introduced to the diving watch world over the five decades. Treat yourself to one of the six dial colours that Doxa also brings to the SUB 300T.


Doxa SUB 1200T Watches


The SUB 300T isn’t the only design honouring the 50th anniversary of the SUB 300T Conquistador. Back in 2010, Doxa launched the SUB 1200T inspired by the innovative model that again features the aesthetics of the original with the performance of contemporary technology. Dive deep with the striking design that keeps calm under pressure.


Doxa SUB 1500T Watches


Built to withstand the most extreme of challenges, the SUB 1500T also captures the spirit of the legendary SUB 300T Conquistador featuring the familiar unidirectional bezel and integrated helium valve. Committed to exploring the unknown in the deep blue, you can go further than ever before reaching depths of 1500M with ease. Shine in the darkest of environments with the Super-Luminova luminescent coating guaranteeing optimum readability underwater.


Doxa SUB 4000T Watches


Debuting a more modern edge to the design of the 60s, the case of the SUB 4000T features rounded corners and a more ergonomic shape. Boasting an asymmetrical form the stainless steel case includes an integrated crown protector. Limited to 300 pieces, the diameter is slightly larger measuring at 47.5mm for a highly legible dial that features a power reserve indicator for a safe dive every time.

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