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Bell & Ross BR05 Watch Review


Bringing a new edge to watchmaking, Bell & Ross release the BR05 that boasts an angular case that combines both a round and a square in one. Remaining faithful to their style identity, the basic geometric shapes are evident in many of their collections yet the BR05 reimagines their iconic square case in a new way. Designed for the city life, the new urban instrument brings style, legibility, functionality, reliability and precision to the wrist.


Defying the confines of the square and the limits of the circle, the BR05 invents its own unique character that channels the energy of the city that beats to its own rhythm. Charming the urban explorer with its confidence, style and sleek nature, the BR05 will never leave your wrist.





Boasting an integrated case, the BR05 offers fluid continual lines and a smooth sophisticated finish. The bracelet is fused directly to the case to form a unified piece with the first link creating part of the case. This graphic style is reminiscent of the seventies, which Bell & Ross use to create a striking, modern version for the contemporary audience. The BR05 40mm case features rich, meticulous finishes that demand attention with a mix of polished bevels that serve to enhance and satin-finished surfaces that are perfectly flat.


Sculptural, masculine and strong, the new collection is ready for an active modern lifestyle that is always on the move. Taking on many characters, the BR05 is both elegant and robust, the perfect ally for those living in the city, moving effortlessly from the office to the bar.





A family of five, each adopts their own personality featuring different shades and materials. Admire the black, blue or silver dial each framed in a stainless steel case and bracelet/rubber strap. The black dial is also available in an exquisite rose gold case and bracelet for an extra special finish.


Revealing all, Bell & Ross also offer a stunning skeletonised dial limited to just 500 pieces. A rare and exclusive design that allows for the contemporary gent to wear something a little different on the wrist.







Dedicated to style, the urban dweller will find the BR05 difficult to resist with its striking, unique design that stays loyal to Bell & Ross’ identity whilst continually evolving with time.

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