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Breitling Navitimer Super 8 Watch Review


Breitling release an aviation inspired design with a tale to tell. Meet the Navitimer Super 8, a bold wrist companion with an oversized case influenced by military aviation history. It certainly was one of Breitling’s highlights from their Baselworld’s 2018 collection.


During the 1930s and 1940s, pilots wore a stopwatch called the Reference 637 strapped to their thighs. Bomber pilots and crews found the instrument particularly useful in the Second World War with the thigh fitting being extremely readable and easy to use whilst in action. The large crown was usually positioned on the left side of the case so that the gloved aviator’s hand could easily activate the count-up and count-down functions and carry out their vital missions with accuracy. A feature adopted by the Navitimer Super 8 that guarantees exceptional comfort. For ease of use especially as the Reference 637 was fastened to the thigh the crown was ideally located at the top of the case.




Breitling’s Huit Aviation Department founded in 1938 by Willy Breitling brought the Reference 637 to life. The military and civil aviation world had strict demands that Mr Breitling understood completely, requirements that continue to this day – highly legible designs that can perform in the most extreme environment. The Reference 637 and all the instruments created by Breitling were not fazed by shocks, vibrations, extreme temperature and magnetism - conditions that pilots regularly faced in the cockpit. The department name – ‘huit’ - refers to the eight-day power reserve of onboard clocks and dashboard instruments – the Huit Avaition Department’s designs were hailed as lightweight and easy to install.


Breitling have incorporated the practical and distinctive features from the historical instrument into the newest release. The military green dial features luminescent Arabic numerals, hour and minute hands to enhance legibility on the 50mm watch face. The red triangular pointer stands out against the green dial and is easily adjusted by rotating the bezel to track elapsed time.


The Breitling Navitimer Super 8 marks an incredible aviation legacy and an exciting future with a nod to their rich heritage and modern sophistication. The blend brings a stunning, statement design for 2018.

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